The Weird World of Weblogging

They say you should keep a daily blog if you want to be a writer.  They are always right, otherwise they wouldn’t be they.  Especially if they are They.  Them’s the scary right ones.
So here I am writing my first blog post ever in the history of my internet usage.  Sure I had some Korean blogs but those never said anything, nor were they entertaining, they just were an excuse to post photos.  As if there aren’t enough images clamouring for our attention all over the world and all over the world wide web already.

What I haven’t decided yet is if I want my blog to be just nonfictional musings, or if I want to include something along the lines of microfiction as well to keep my skill level increasing (in theory).   I suppose we shall see, especially since I invite YOU to comment what YOU want me to write about!

That is all for now!  Ponder it carefully!


About Chris S.

Burgeoning Burgeon-er.
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6 Responses to The Weird World of Weblogging

  1. randall says:

    you should also write about music. ; )

  2. FOXY NOX-Y says:

    Its good to see you out there making your wyrdness available to the wider-weirder-public! Write what ye will, as we say!

  3. Chris S. says:

    Those are both excellent ideas. I have a lot of ‘aesthetic’ thoughts on music. Maybe I will post my thoughts on some sounds I have heard lately. 🙂 In a few hours when I am more functional! Thanks for the input!

  4. Kyle says:

    Write on, Chris!

  5. eliot says:

    yeah, write about music, and write about your thoughts on victorian steam-punk clothing lines, and movies that make you think about that kind of stuff? Is that what you wanted me to remind you to do? Okay, don’t say I didn’t remind you.

  6. Charles says:

    As the man who knows you very well, I am very happy you have started your writing again….I feel a freshness to it, a new cleaner thinkingprocessgeneratedbylongtermstress…..You will rule the world of strangeness in this 21st Century…loveyouDAD

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