The Real Roots of Western Fashion

I am going with the, some text is better than no text and  posting what i could come up with. Part two will follow tomorrow!


The Real Roots of Western Fashion

This is an odd topic for me to write about, as I don’t really care about clothes, nor do I seem to think twice about what I usually put on.  There are however random times where I feel like looking ‘nice’ and enjoy a more formal look.  This brings me to why I think I enjoy watching some certain types of drama film; because they usually put a lot of thought not just into the acting, but how the actors look and what they are wearing.  Sounds a bit ‘girly’ I will admit, but I am a well-balanced kinda guy. 

                In particular I will discuss three films that popped into my head, while this topic made its way to the forefront of my cranium.  They are, “From Hell,” “The Prestige,” and “Sweeny Todd,” but I am sure you can throw a bunch of other ones in there; those are just what came up for air from the gooey confines of my brain first. 

               For those of you who are not living under cinematic-free rocks, all three films have one major thing in common (No, not Jonny Depp, he’s not in the Prestige). Can anyone guess?  That’s right, they both have clothed people.  Ha, no they both are set in the heyday of the Western historical world, the early to late 1800s, tip toeing into the 20th Century; in other words, the Victorian era.  Why do I first of all bother to call this the heyday, or if you like, the Blueprint of the Western historical world, and not the Classical era for example? 

                For starters, everything we take for granted nowadays, as a concept, as a functional meme, was started in this era.   Telephones, telegraphs, computers, radio, automobiles, magazines, chess clubs, bow ties, and trains; all had their major genesis in this era, and profoundly affected the way we live our lives today. 

This brings me to not just bow ties, but fashion in general.   I argue that the real roots of Western fashion, from a structural and aesthetic stand point, come not from the Classical period, not from the middle ages, nor even from the ‘Greatest Generation,’ but rather from that delightfully forward-moving, fast-changing time post-dating the Civil War, with their own burgeoning starts in the beginning of the Victorian era




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