Free Writing Exercise #1

Rules: 10 minutes of writing. No premeditation.  Fiction/Prose.  No content editing allowed after finishing, save grammar,spelling or formatting.
Purpose:  Writing practise to improve writing.  Excuse to blog.  Hopefully to entertain.

Image The little man had lived in the oak tree for a long time.  Longer than he could remember.  He didn’t have the lifespan of a human; his was far longer.  Although he looked like a little man, (about a foot tall usually, though he could alter his height) he was actually what you or I would call a pixie, or a faerie.  He was part of that race of beings that used to be called The Gentry, or The Good People.  These beings were called such nice sounding names as a way of placating them.

You see, they had a habit of being quite malevolent, when a human would (usually) unknowingly offend them by disturbing their homes or blocking their byways.  On the other hand, they also had a reputation for fairness, and could reward a mindful human, or even help out someone in need as the mood struck them.
The little man lived in this oak tree that was at least three hundred years old.  It was situated on top of a hill, a very short distance from a larger forest.  When he went out of his home one day, he saw a man by the side of the road about to do some surveying.  He had four short sticks that he was placing in the ground to mark a square, ostensibly to mark a plot for a future home.  This angered the little man very much, as the supposed future site for this home was right in the middle of the path that he and his neighbours had used for centuries to get from their neighbourhood to the next one down the way.  This neighbouring settlement was under a fort, or ring mound.  It was superstitiously avoided by most of the villagers, and for good reason.
The little man ran as fast as he could to the supposed building site once the man had left on his bicycle.  In a huff he kicked out and over 2 of the offending stakes which were in the path of the faery road.  When the human came back the next day he was astonished to see 2 of the stakes not just knocked over, but missing completely, on one side of the square.  This was an ominous portent.


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